Are you trying to locate the most effective ways to enjoy your weekend or vacation in Louisiana? Consider heading to Baton Rouge and experience some outdoor fun with your loved ones and friends in this exciting location.

Baton Rouge is a town situated on the Mississippi River and the capital of Louisiana. It has a bunch of areas that are frequently visited by both locals and tourists. Furthermore, there are lots of facilities here that benefit the residents like schools, healthcare centres, vets, parks, and much more. No wonder, many are encouraged to reside here.

Now, if you are still searching for somewhere to spend your weekend, then come see Baton Rouge and find out the best things to do in this region.

What To Do In Baton Rouge

1. Dine-In Famous Restaurants

In visiting any place, trying out food is obviously contained in any excursion, the exact same goes for Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is known for its seafood restaurants that offer an assortment of dishes. There’s Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar, The Chimes Restaurant & Tap Room, Drusilla Seafood Restaurant, Capital City Crawfish & Cajun Specialties, and Eliza Restaurant & Bar, simply to name a few. These restaurants are known in Baton Rouge for offering the very best seafood specialities around the area.

But, that isn’t all there’s in Baton Rouge.

This city also has an assortment of authentic restaurants such as La Morenita, La Morenita, Umami, Beausoleil, Maison Lacour, Zorba’s, and Bâton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar. To know more about the local restaurants in Baton Rouge, check this website.

2. Get a Taste of Outdoors

Another thing visitors can do here is to experience Baton Rouge outdoor activities.

Some facilities allow both tourists and locals to receive a taste of nature . Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and Baton Rouge Zoo are only some of the areas that instantly come to mind. Both of these locations offer their guests to interact with friendly animals in their natural habitat. How cool is that?

However, if you are more into extreme sports, don’t worry, Baton Rouge also includes that! There is Perkins Road Community Park which has a skatepark and a BMX raceway.

3. Have a Tour

Baton Rouge has amazing locations that both locals and tourists like to see. Consequently, if you ever visit Baton Rouge, we suggest for you to have a quick tour of most famous tourist destinations.

In line with this, there are various museums here that are frequently full of visitors. There is the Knock Knock Children’s Museum, LSU Rural Life Museum, Capitol Park Museum, and Louisiana Art & Science Museum. Louisiana’s Old State Capitol, The Old Governor’s Mansion, and LSU Tiger Stadium are also some of the few places tourists often visit.

But let us be fair:

The main tourist spot here in Baton Rouge is the magnificent view of the Mississippi River. And that view can be seen from different locations in the area. But the majority of people visit Scott’s Bluff at Southern University to see the best sunset view of the Mississippi River.