No one wants their business or home to be damaged in a fire. We see events on the news reports all the time, but we never think that something such as this might occur to us. However, when it happens, it is absolutely devastating. Whether it is a primary or secondary home or a company, it may feel like your life is falling apart because of destruction, and it can be a hard time to take care of anything.

Steps to Take to Recover After a Fire

It is devastating enough for your property to catch fire, however, some things have to be done as soon as possible. This can be very frustrating to everyone. Here are some recovery guidelines to take after a fire has burned down your home.

1. Contact Your Property Insurance Provider

Reach out to your agent immediately. After that, documents can take place, and an insurance claim can start. Your agent can also help you with the cost of living somewhere else while you wait for the fixings.

2. Secure Your Property

This is really important. Protection against looters is needed. Many insurance companies require it. Your agent can help you ensure your property. In the meantime, be sure to nail all doors and windows with plywood. Learn how good circuit breakers in avoiding house fires right here.

3. Remove All Valuables

If you cannot stay in your home, take your personal belongings. Be sure to keep an inventory of what you are taking out to make sure that you can report the list to your insurance provider.

4. Collect All Your Records/Documents

Gather as many as you can find immediately. Medical records, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, insurance plans, social security cards, marriage certificates, tax returns, vehicle records, titles, wills, and bank statements.

5. Do Not Repair Utilities

Do not attempt to repair utilities yourself unless you are a qualified contractor. Instead, employ a private contractor to do the needed fixings. The fire department makes sure the supply lines are switched off. Inspections and permits are needed for repairs. Check their website to know more about the process.

6. Make a Call

Contact any member of the family who is not aware of the fire. Those who live in the home must be notified. Those who do not can learn about the emergency from others. Your phone call will assure them that you are fine. Also, call your landlord if you are a tenant.

7. Remove Smoke Odors

To soak up some of the smoke odors:

  • Place small containers of vinegar around your home.
  • Wash painted walls with a mixture of 6 tablespoons of trisodium phosphate and 1 gallon of water.
  • Before recoating, use a fume sealant to the walls.
  • Vacuum all surfaces.
  • Seal rooms with plastic while working on one at a time.
  • Replace the A/C filter.
  • Use linen soap to clean up all wooden furniture and fixtures.


There is a technique to save supplies and materials for fixings along with savings on purchases like furniture, appliances, and a lot more. These savings apply to the time you make repair work and the rest of your life. So to begin saving for yourself and your loved ones today.

No matter what part of your property has been damaged and to what degree, the most important thing about cleaning is consulting with a professional immediately. Improper cleaning or neglect can perpetuate smoke damage and even make it worse. Save yourself unnecessary time and problems by consulting with someone who has knowledge of what they are doing.