Flooding can be catastrophic. Failing to comprehend the reasons why it is important to get flooding or water damage repaired immediately could be fatal. Biological pathogens, fecal matter, mold spores, dead and rotting animal flesh, can and often are brought into your home through a flood. Exposing yourself and especially young or elderly family members to an improperly sanitized house isn’t worth delaying the repairs. Contact a water damage firm A-S-A-P. 

Start at the basement and work your way upward. Upon returning to your home after the hurricane or flood you may experience a variety of degrees of devastation. The power should be turned off no matter water to prevent further harm to your HVAC system.

Once the power is of a thorough investigation of the whole home base to the roof has to be finished. After this investigation you will get a better understanding as to why it is important to get flood or water damage fixed immediately and to the extent of the damage; just how much, not if, professional help will be required. If you are unsure regarding the degree of the damage contact a licensed specialist locally; the Red Cross frequently has a comprehensive collection of you can utilize.

Reason one why it’s important to get flood or water damage fixed quickly is function. Beginning with appliances; remove anything electric that came in contact with water, irrespective of how slight. Carefully permit all appliances to air dry, wipe all exposed surfaces with a 25% bleach alternative, and test through a chainsaw or extension cable. Any appliance that has been submerged may not survive. Cleaning with the bleach solution not only eliminates visible dirt and sand but eliminates the germs and mold spores that were carried into the house with the floodwaters.

Reason two why it is important to acquire flood or water damage repaired immediately is health. Exposure to flood waters brings unknown biological elements to your property. Sewage, trash, mud, feces, dead animals, mold spores, all have widely dispersed during a storm. By not carefully eliminating all things that may have come in contact with floodwaters you are exposing yourself and your family to potentially deadly germs. Any soft goods that cannot be thoroughly cleaned with a 25% bleach solution should be thrown off; this includes mattresses and box springs. Mold spores may create unseen and trigger substantial breathing issues long after the flooding has passed.

Reason three why it’s important to get flood or water damage fixed immediately is structure. Water is a powerful force; in case it may split canyons in granite it can damage the construction of your house. It might take no more than a powerful gust of wind to change home from its footing and lead to serious harm or death to the occupants. Wood structural supports may seem fine at this time however without proper airflow and drying the moisture will remain and cause rot to weaken the structure.

There is a whole slew of reasons why it’s important to acquire flood or water damage repaired immediately, but the safety and health of your family upon returning to reside in the house are one of the most crucial. Never enter or try to live in a structure until you’re sure it’s safe to do so; once in doubt contact an expert.

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